If you grew up before computers or the Internet

this is for you!

Computer software, scans, wide format digital printing, photo editing, lamination – if any of this is a bit of a mystery to you, don’t worry!

You don’t need to understand the language behind the new technology of the digital age. You just need to know what your options are. Here are some of the possibilities we make available to you at Pollock’s:

• Your photo collection
- negatives or slides made into photos
- your photos printed in albums or photobooks

- all your photos, negatives or slides stored on DVD.

• Your very old photos
- torn photos restored

- dirty marks removed
- colour on faded photos enhanced

• Gifts
- we can print any photo, picture or piece of writing onto a calendar, a cup, a T-shirt or playing cards

• Copies, signs, stickers
- black and white or colour copies made to almost any size
- vinyl stickers made from a picture or text you provide
- signs printed on paper, card, vinyl, durable plastic
- paper or card sandwiched between plastic for prolonged life

Come in a talk to us. We will keep techno-talk to a minimum and show you what we can do!



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