Colour or black and white copies are made on the spot. With our award winning Xerox Docucolor Fine Art copiers, which delivers exceptional quality and consistent colour.

We stock an extensive variety of papers, and you have a choice of paper weights.

Invitations, business cards, annual reports, children’s art, school projects, posters, birthday cards … at the push of a button, we copy it for you.


A variety of papers is on offer to suit all printing and copying requirements. Sizes range from A4 to A0, the dimensions being:
A4: 297 X 210 mm
A3: 420 X 297 mm
A2: 594 X 420 mm
A1: 841 X 594 mm
A0:1189 X 841 mm

We also cut paper to smaller sizes, according to your needs.

Paper is available in different weights, and your choice will be influenced by both function and budget. Although your choice will probably be made by the feel of the paper, the following provides a rough guide:

80g to 120g is lightweight, often used for basic photocopying. 160g to about 200g is a good weight for poster printing, though posters can also be printed on lighter or heavier paper. 250g is heavy enough for soft covers of annual reports or publications. 300g is firm and an ideal thickness for business cards.






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