Lamination is the process of sandwiching and fusing together a layer of paper between two layers of plastic. This protects the paper against dust, damage and water, increasing its lifespan. Lamination is a great idea for preserving children’s artworks and cards or letters with sentimental value, as well as for protecting notices that are exposed to the weather or must be displayed for a long time.

Our machines can laminate images to unusually outsized proportions – we can go as big as 50 metres in length and 1.1 metres in width!

The laminates we use vary in thickness and we will advise you whether to choose the light (120 micron), medium (250 micron) or heavy duty (500 micron) option.

You have the choice of a matt or gloss finish on your lamination.

You may like to get the most out of the display of your laminated image in your home or office. Any lamination can be block mounted, giving it a further lease on life, as well as making it attractive to look at.







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