Large Format Printing

The impact created by large format prints is remarkable. Provided your image quality is good, we can print it to almost any size and shape you would like. You can fill the empty wall spaces in your home or office with a print on paper or canvas, blockmounted and tailor-made to fit the area.

We print on poster paper, photographic paper or canvas.
Poster paper is your cheapest option, and completely adequate for posters or advertising signs that are impermanent.

Photographic paper is ideal for long-lasting prints. Photographic images can be superbly reproduced, maintaining their colour and definition perfectly. Any image can be printed onto canvas, creating the effect of an original painting done on canvas. The canvas is heat-sealed to strengthen it and to protect your image against dust and humidity.

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Vinyl Printing

Vinyl applications are today’s solution to signage on vehicles, buildings, and even on heavy duty materials that must withstand the weather. You can even create your own vinyl wallpaper or adhesive stickers.

There are a number of options for you to choose from, each suited to a different purpose:
Construction companies will find their ideal solution in mesh vinyl. Logos and graphics are printed onto weather resistant mesh vinyl, which is used to cover the surroundings of construction sites.

If it’s privacy you are after, one-way vision created with contravision vinyl is your answer. The printed vinyl is applied to the door or window of a building or vehicle. It allows people on the inside a clear view of the outside, but appears opaque to anyone looking into the building or vehicle.

Images on self-adhesive vinyl can be printed with a white background, making them opaque. Or clear vinyl can be used, where the white tone is rendered transparent. This is particularly useful on rear vehicle windows where visibility is vital.

Vinyl can be cut to your customised specifications, so the shape of the finished product is tailored to the space where it will be displayed. Reflective graphics on vinyl are useful on signs which are seen at night. They have a glowing luminosity which makes them visible in the dark, in a similar way to road signs.

Cast vinyl is used for applying images and signage to your vehicle.





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