Your family is always growing and changing. All too soon, your children are at pre-school, high school, leaving home. A group portrait is not only an opportunity to capture everyone together for posterity, but a chance to document family members at different ages and stages, and a reminder of treasured times. Portraits can be done in the studio, or on location where you feel most comfortable.

Our vast knowledge and understanding of creating professional portraits stems from decades of experience. Our well-appointed and spacious studio is continually updated to include new styles and trends in lighting and backdrops. We cater for groups large and small, and endeavour to maintain a relaxed studio environment that is child and baby friendly. Your family can create variety by breaking into smaller groups – parents, grandparents, siblings, combined generations, and couples. We even welcome your pet!


New technology makes your selection of photos simple and undemanding. At a glance you can view your proofs enlarged to different sizes, in colour, black and white or sepia.

We advise advance booking for portrait photography. A professional photographer can see the potential in every picture, and we want to portray you as you want to be seen. We will offer advice on setting, clothing, style and ambience, to make every portrait unique, as well as discuss how framing and displaying portraits can enhance your home.

We make it easy for you to remember the good times!



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